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See How Easily You Can Access Your Authentic Self

“New year, new me” is the “in” statement around this time of year. The holidays are done. It’s time for a fresh start. It’s time for reinvention. The world around you is fast-paced and expects a lot of you. 2024 is all about transformation. 

Two girls smiling with confetti

But let's be real.

Every year is about becoming your authentic self. You make New Year's resolutions geared towards self-improvement – from eating less junk to being more mindful. It's about change. Yet, it never works. Why? 

Because you’re trying to change. You aren’t being yourself. 

Many of my clients fill up my calendar in January. But those who use my tools year round have true transformation.

And I have a special tool to assist you this year in my January Challenge.

Isn’t change and transformation the same thing?

Change is a part of life; it’s the process of overcoming a circumstance. Think of it like a circle – there’s progression, but you’re bound within a defined shape. You might: 

  • Adopt a new habit 

  • Switch jobs 

  • Move to a different city

In business, change is sometimes adjusting strategies or modifying organizational structures. And while change is necessary, it often fails.

You might improve your skills, but those skills remain within your existing framework. Your business might adapt to market trends. But the core identity and purpose often remain. 

Change may not constantly challenge you to think beyond your current limitations. The limitations of not accepting who you are. 

Transformation is shapeless. You adapt. You evolve. You mold yourself. It involves a shift in mindset and behaviors. And it’s often driven by a powerful catalyst or moment of self-discovery. Stop blaming the outside world for your circumstances. 

Your reality is because of your inner beliefs, values, and identity. A situation from childhood might have caused you to hide who you are. Yes, that person was awful. But you allowed it to change you. The little you deep down inside. 

Transformation in your personal life helps you to break free from self-imposed boundaries. It motivates you to discover your interests and chase your dreams. And evolve into the best version of your true self.

It’s about shedding labels and expectations. Yes, those words that still haunt us. The ones given by society, family, or even yourself. 

A study found that 80% of employees think authenticity improves the workplace. Leaders who focus on their development create a growth mindset within the organization.

They’ve also proven to: 

  • Increase trust among employees 

  • Improve professional relationships and moral 

  • Higher levels of efficiency

9 Reasons why being yourself is important: 

  1. Enhancing Self-Understanding: Discovering your authentic self leads to a deeper understanding of your personal values and beliefs. This is the most significant step in picking paths that resonate with your authentic self. 

  2. Improved Mental Health: Authenticity correlates to positive mental health outcomes. Evidence shows it reduces anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem

  3. Genuine Relationships: How many times have you gone to coffee with someone you don’t like? How many times have you wanted more fulfilling relationships? You attract the friendships that you have. I dare you to be authentic and trust the individuals that stay in your life or leave. 

  4. Increased Resilience: Transformation requires you to step out of your comfort zone. Embrace challenges, setbacks, and uncertainty. These are opportunities for true growth. 

  5. Better Decision-Making: Ever regretted a decision you’ve made? Was it not aligned with your goals? Understanding your authentic self helps you choose paths that are right for you. This leads to greater satisfaction and success in your life. 

  6. A Growth Mindset: Authenticity is the path of personal growth. Belief in your capacity to learn, adapt, and evolve. View failures as stepping stones towards transformation. 

  7. Reduced Stress: Living in a way that aligns with your true self reduces stress. It stops you from being someone you’re not.  

  8. Set Bold Goals: Being your authentic self helps you define your dreams. Set “crazy” goals to achieve them. Don’t allow your past to dictate your future. It’s never too late

  9. Greater Life Satisfaction: Being your authentic self leads to a greater sense of fulfillment. When you live authentically, you’re more likely to pursue activities and goals that bring joy

Embracing your inner self is uncomfortable at first. It’s like stepping on a LEGO brick. Ouch! But it only hurts for a moment. So, embrace discomfort, challenges, and setbacks. View negatives as opportunities for growth

Your January 2024 Authentic Self Challenge

Drop the need to set goals to change aspects of yourself. Let's start transforming yourself into embracing your authenticity. The design of this challenge is to not just cultivate a habit of meditation. But to spark a profound internal shift towards the inner you. 

What are the steps of the challenge?

  1. Listen to my four-minute meditation (yes, it’s that short). It’s curated for you to access your authentic self. 

  2. Following your meditation, answer one of the journaling prompts (in order). 

  3. Go on with your day! 

This isn’t about dedicating time to sit quietly; it’s a journey to explore the depths of your being.

And to… 

  • Listen intently to the often-overlooked whispers of your soul 

  • Document your journey towards inner clarity and peace 

  • Take control of your destiny 

By doing this 14-day challenge with me, you’re setting the stage for an authentic life. And a new year filled with limitless manifestation. 

So, grab your journal. If you don't have one, using the notes feature on your cell phone is perfectly fine. There are no rules.

Your January 2024 Authentic Self-Journaling Prompts

  1. Reflect on Your Values: What are your core values? The ones that truly resonate with you. How do they shape your daily actions and decisions? 

  2. Describe Your Ideal Self: Imagine your most authentic self. What makes them uniquely you? 

  3. Identify Inauthentic Moments: Think of a time when you felt you weren’t being true to yourself. How did it make you feel? 

  4. Acknowledge Your Strengths: What are your unique strengths and talents? How do you feel when you are able to use them? 

  5. Consider Your Passions: What activities make you lose track of time? How can you schedule time for these activities? 

  6. Explore Your Inner Critic: Write down the things your inner critic often says. How can you reframe your true self? 

  7. Set Authentic Goals: What are some goals that resonate with you, and how do they reflect your true self? 

  8. Reflect on Your Relationships: How do your relationships support your journey? How do they hinder your journey to being your authentic self? 

  9. Visualize Your Path: Imagine a path leading to your authentic self. What does it look like, and what steps do you need to walk this path? 

  10. Meditate on Acceptance: What does it mean to fully accept yourself? How can you practice more self-acceptance? 

  11. Explore Your Challenges: Think about a recent challenge you faced. How did you overcome it? Did you learn about yourself in the process? 

  12. Celebrate Growth: Identify a situation where you’ve grown or improved significantly. What habits or attitudes helped you achieve this growth? 

  13. Growth Vision: Envision where you’d like to be in 5 years. What skills and mindset shifts do you need to make to change your reality

  14. Gratitude for Growth: List five experiences or challenges you’re grateful for. What growth did they prompt? How have these shaped the person you are today? 

Your January 2024 Meditation 

January 2024 ChallengeJanet Elaine Schmidt

Listen to this meditation at any time of day. You can download it, too.

I’m thrilled and thankful that you’ve joined us on this journey toward a more profound relationship with your true self. This is the beginning of endless possibilities

Let me know how you're doing. I’m going to be opening office hours throughout the week – you can access them through the 15-minute consultation schedule. It’s free. 

I love hearing from you and answering any questions about your experience. 

It’s time to begin. 

Janet Elaine 


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