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How to Start Manifesting: A Beginner’s Guide to Unlocking Your Intentions

Imagine if you could turn your dreams into reality. All it would take is the power of your thoughts.

Table with an Eiffel tower statue, jewelry, and photographs of cities
Table with an Eiffel tower statue, jewelry, and photographs of cities

Do you feel like you don’t know how to start? Do you feel like you’re doing manifestation exercises, but nothing is happening? Are you experiencing setbacks? 

I am. And I have. Manifestation isn’t an immediate gratification process. It takes time. It takes commitment. And it takes the power of your words, thoughts, and feelings. Really, manifestation takes all of you down to a cellular level

My career is a result of manifestation. And now, I get to help my clients reach their goals by getting rid of negative belief systems. 

Let’s go back to the basics.  

What’s manifesting? 

You’ve probably heard of the “law of attraction.” In its basic nature, the “law of attraction” is a belief that if you think, it will come. Positive thoughts bring favorable outcomes. Negative thoughts bring unfavorable outcomes. 

Does that sound too woo-woo for you? It was for me, too. Until I realized that there was actual science backing it up. Dr. Carol Dweck has proven that a growth mindset will assist you in manifesting your goals. 

Dr. Carol Dweck’s research suggests that if you believe you can accomplish something, you’re going to have the willingness to achieve it. Beliefs influence your behaviors. This leads to the outcome you desire. 

Need some more scientific proof? I did, too. 

#bloggingPositive emotions increase your ability to think more creatively. 

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson and Dr. Sonja Lyubormisky’s research has proven that happiness leads to success. Positive emotions help us be more creative. If you’re happy, this will lead to attracting happier and more positive opportunities, relationships, and life. 

After my life-altering divorce, I deeply wanted to change my life. Negativity had surrounded me for so long. It took me a while to see that I played a part in everything. I blamed people in my life. I blamed my upbringing. And I lived in constant fear. I was in a victim mentality and didn't even see it. 

Then, I started throwing myself into spirituality. I got my hands on any and every book. Took endless classes. I was desperate to change my reality.  And I was the problem. Talk about a slap in the face. I had to change my reality from the inside out

My first step towards manifesting was saying positive words. 

Sounds easy, right? Wrong. It’s hard. Think of all the words you say to other people. Now, think of what you say to yourself. Yeah, the ones that no one hears. Are those nice? I didn’t think so. 

I started to think about how many positive words I said in a day. And how I could replace three negative words with a positive word each day. What was the result? 

It was difficult. But I was mindful the entire day. I was present for my thoughts and everyone in my life. I realized that for years, I had been living my life on autopilot. My subconscious mind was influencing my reality. 

The joy I started to find didn’t happen immediately. But I stuck with speaking positive words. And it started to click around week two. I was lighter. The people around me were happy. My old negative belief systems started to get quieter

How do you start? 

Here are some positive words that you can add into your communications: 

A: Abundance, acceleration, acceptance, achievement, amazing, accomplishment

B: Bliss, beautiful, bright, beloved

C: Creative, courage, care, compassion, clarity, communicate

D: Divine, dynamic, determination

E: Energy, ease, encouragement, expand, evolution, enjoyment, enlightenment, empower

F: Forgiveness, freedom, fun, faith, fortune, fabulous, frequency, fulfillment

G: Good, great, grace, gratitude, gratefulness, glow, gift, generosity

H: Happiness, hope, heart, healing, health, higher self, harmony

I: Intelligence, improvement, increase, impeccability, illumination

J: Joy, justice

K: Kind, knowledge

L: Love, light, luck, liberation, lucrative, luminous, luxury

M: Meditation, miracle, magic

N: New, nourished, nurture

O: Oneness, opportunity, optimism, outstanding, open-minded

P: Pleasure, potential, peace, positive, polite, prayer, power, purpose, passion, possibilities, prosperity

Q: Quality

R: Rejuvenate, rejoice, resonance, reward, radiant, rise, release, realization, reorganize, recode, rise

S: Spirit, soul, self-love, smile, serenity, success, sensitivity, shine, synchronicity, share support, strong

T: Thank you, trust, truth, transformation, together, transparent

U: Understanding, unity, upward, unconditional

V: Victory, vibration, vortex, valuable, vivacious

W: Wisdom, wealth, well-being, wonderful

X: Xoxo

Y: Yes, yum, ying yang 

Z: Zen, zesty

I started speaking blessings over myself and other people. Even those who had hurt me. I wish everyone the best. 

But my dreams weren’t coming true. The goals I wanted weren’t happening. My financial advisor stole money from me. Setbacks were happening. Everywhere. I became impatient, disillusioned, and frustrated

Then, I realized to create change, I had to rewrite my story. I wrote an inventory of what wasn’t working. And what was working in my life. My emotions, characteristics, behaviors, and beliefs. 

If you do this exercise, it’ll be crystal clear what expands and restricts your reality. You’ll become the student of your life. Just like I did and still am. I also had made a cardinal mistake. 

I expected miraculous events. I needed to focus on visualizing the life I wanted. And does this on a consistent basis, even through setbacks. This was a test to see if I’d change my behavior.  

Not doing regular manifesting practice, even through setbacks, will stop your manifestation.

It’s hard to maintain focus in today’s fast-paced world. But you must. I learned it the hard way. I needed to continue my practice through obstacles. My past life had manifested my present. It was time for me to do the hard work – staying patient

Write down the goals you want to see in your life. Then, visualize that you’ve already attained them. Feel the feeling of reaching your wealth goals, happiness goals, relationship goals, etc. Hold onto that feeling. And you’ll work every day towards making it a reality. 

Sometimes, it’s difficult to visualize. You live in a fast-paced world. And that’s the reason why your practice needs to be consistent. Because even when good things happen, you need to be continuing your practice. A positive mindset generates the work ethic to attain your goals. And keep the abundance in your life. 

Continue to reinforce your new belief system by using positive affirmations. 

I wrote positive statements. And I put them on Post-its all over my house. Did I look crazy? Maybe. But I didn’t care. You need to be willing to do anything to stay in a positive mindset. 

tYou might not need to remind yourself to say positive affirmations. I need to be reminded 24/7. I wanted to supercharge my manifesting skills. And it worked. 

The more positive affirmations I said in a day, the better I felt. And the more positive interactions I attracted to myself. It was a result of my new behaviors. I overcame my fear of lack. I had a mind full of abundance

A new morning ritual supercharged my manifestation practice.

My dreams started to come true. A life that I had always wanted became a reality. And I wanted to keep it this time. I continued my affirmations, positive word choices, and visualization and added a gratitude list. 

Why did I practice gratitude? 

Being grateful for what I had reinforced my positive mindset. It also felt like a powerful tool while I was in my manifestation practice. It kept my energy positive when I encountered setbacks. It lifts my spirit up. 

You can try this new morning ritual: 

  1. Thank the divine (God, Universe, Mother Nature, etc.) for another day. 

  2. Coffee time! I need my caffeine immediately! Make your favorite morning drink. 

  3. Take out your manifestation journal (yes, you need one). Write down five things you’re grateful for. And one time, someone expressed gratitude to you. 

  4. Read your list of goals out loud. Pausing to truly feel each of them. 

  5. Say your affirmations out loud. Take your time to feel positive emotions. 

  6. Visualize everything you just said for at least 1 minute 

Take this routine and make it your own. Record your voice saying the positive affirmations and set it to meditative music. Play it during your morning routine or while you’re driving.

The most important step is to trust the process. 

Trust the steps. It’s hard to believe in something when you can’t actually see it. Or touch it. But keeping a positive mindset and staying true to your practice is the key to making it work. 

You’ll still have fears. I still do. You’re human. The difference is… I know how to quiet the fears and eliminate them in less than a millisecond. I’ve developed the mindset to continuously manifest even when negativity arises. 

You’re never going to be perfect. That’s the joy of living. If you want to take charge of your life and find your authentic self, welcome to a new way of life. 

Use the code MANFIEST to get 15% off your next purchase on my site. 

I’m so happy you’re here. 




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