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A Los Angeles-based epigenetics specialist and founder of Quantum Consciousness Integration™️, dedicated to helping you rediscover what living with purpose means. Refine your external choices and unravel the layers of your internal landscape. And understand how your genes shape your reality. 

Experience Personalized Life Coaching to Manifest the Life You Want

Be The Authentic You

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Do you want to live with intention? Are you ready to transform limiting beliefs? How about meeting your authentic self?

before we go on...


I dare you to move away from conventional approaches that only  focus on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) or limited modalities. 


One-size-fits-all solutions don't work. You're looking to explore your path. It's a uniquely personalized journey. And that's how I approach you and every client. 


My coaching process redesigns your belief system. And accesses your authentic self. You can think of me as your epigenetics fairy godmother - I blend science and eastern modalities. 


Together, we’ll discover the pieces (belief systems) of you that are contributing positively and negatively to your well-being. And at the same time enhancing elements that hinder your personal growth.


As you select and update parts of your inherited beliefs, you’ll start a transformative journey. This will lead you toward a more authentic, resilient, and purpose-driven self.


That’s when true manifestation can begin

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Janet Elaine Schmidt LA Life Coach



1:1 SESSIONS: Our deep work entails a variety of modalities customized for your needs. I'll work with you to transform limiting beliefs into self-enhancing ones. And bring you closer to your authentic self.  You'll go beyond the surface, connecting to the real you on a genetic level. 


CUTTING-EDGE HOLISTIC SERVICES: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Life Coaching) combined with Eastern modalities. I have extensive certifications. They include Reprogram For Success and Quantum Consciousness Integration™️, Hypnotherapy (board certified), Eye Movement Integration, Advanced PSYCH-K®, Advanced ThetaHealing™, Zero Point Acceleration, Light Code Activation, and Reiki.


WORKSHOPS: From corporate events to private workshops, I’ve got your manifestation needs covered. Learn 5 Keys to reprogramming. Use 4 personalized techniques for your event's goals. 


LIFE COACHING COURSE: Are you wondering what the steps are to becoming a life coach? Due to popular demand, I’m curating a life coach course coming in 2024


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"Working with Janet was life-changing for me. I was really stuck emotionally and physically. I felt unsure and anxious about my health and my future. I had seen many doctors and therapists. I also took many supplements, trying to cure what ailed me. After only a few sessions with Janet, I could feel this feeling lifting, and after my eight sessions, I felt stronger, more assured, and hopeful for the future. Janet helped me get rid of the old energy and old fears that were keeping me stuck emotionally and in bad health. And now, when those feelings creep back in (which is rare), I call Janet, we do a session, and I’m back to my old self. Sometimes, it just takes something sort of out of the norm to get you back to your vital, healthy self. Thank you, Janet, for bringing my good energy back!"

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Janet Elaine Schmidt Client Testimony

the time is now


You have programs built inside of you from childhood. Some positive belief systems. Others don’t serve you. These belief systems are embedded in your thoughts. And your thoughts determine your current reality. 


99.9% of everything you see is energy. 


Social media, friends, strangers, trauma – all have a tangible frequency. The human body holds 62-78 MHz. It’s pulsing through you right now. Your thoughts have energy, too. And they affect your cells


Your body’s biochemistry is shaped by belief-reinforced awareness. Each cell in your body knows your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. And there’s constant energy going towards your belief system. It’s manifesting from inside your body to the external world. 


Yikes! You might be trying to control your thoughts right now. Don’t worry. We’ll get there. 


Some of these belief systems have always been out of your control. 


Your cells have imprints from your generational trauma. And they control your gene activity (not your DNA sequence). You might be thinking… “Duh! This is epigenetics!” Or you might be wondering… 

What's epigenetics?

Let me tell you a short story. My mother grew up with a consistent fear of never having enough money. She still has it. And she never had an abundance of money. Her mother had that same fear. As a kid, I had the fear of not having enough money. Then, I fell into a wealth of money. Yet, fear entered my life again. And I lost it all. But I gained it back using my proven technique on myself


You have the ability to reshape your belief system. You can change your genes and get rid of emotional and generational trauma. And manifest the best version of yourself. 


Let me help you meet your highest authentic self.

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Hi there, I'm Janet Elaine

I’ve been in your shoes. I feared being alone. I feared not reaching my full potential. I feared not having enough. The signs were all there for me to follow my passion. But I was closed off. Until I could no longer ignore my life’s calling.


I was my first student. My years of research and experience are now curated for you.

For over a decade, I've been a practical yet potent Quantum Consciousness Accelerator and Integrative Holistic Energy Healing Facilitator. 


 I work with individual clients and companies to Reprogram For Success™️.  And I have built a 6-figure business, helping Fortune 500 CEOs and the everyday person.

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We have a 15-minute (free) consultation so I can lear your needs.

You schedule your appointment (package, 1:1, or workshop)

I lean more about yourself & create a tailored appointment/program.

I take you through my techniques, accessing the places within you that need to shine. And the other parts of you that need healing and release. 

let's manifest together!

How do I work with a life coach? 

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